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CloudLists are online saved playlists that you can share or access from any computer. They can be used to share playlists with other users and to consult the latest playlist from your favorite artists or groups, as well as stay up-to-date on what are the latest hot tracks to play.

It can also be used to save private lists for yourself, so that next time you're at a dinner at your friend's house, and you want to start spinning some tracks, you just need to log-in with your account on their VirtualDJ and you'll have all your playlists ready.



Once the Cloud Lists folder is expanded, you will see a few default CloudLists displayed. Right-click on CloudLists and choose “Add a new list…” to create a new CloudList. Once a new list is created, files can be dragged and dropped to the list and will automatically be saved to the cloud (online connection required). Use Refresh to update the cloudlist if you have made changes on another computer or the website.


CloudList Management is done on the VirtualDJ website (http://www.virtualdj.com/cloudlists/manage.html). Here you can change the name, add an Image, edit the description, Privacy and rules of any of your CloudLists. You can also accept other users to feed the list or help manage it.