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Shazam Integration gives the ability to use your Shazam account right in the VirtualDJ software to show your tagged tracks and easily look them up to play in your sets or organize your database.

(An account needs to be setup at www.shazam.com/)



Right-click on the Shazam folder to sign into your Shazam account (an internet browser window will open to ask you to sign in). Once connected, you can right click the Shazam folder once again to “refresh” the content of the folder. VirtualDJ will scan your Shazam account online and will re-import the tags that you have saved on your account.


Right-clicking on any of the files in the Shazam folder will give you the choice to “look up” the selection or remove it from the Shazam folder.



The tracks that you have Shazamed will show one of 2 icons beside the selection:

Περιγραφή: ShazamSearch.PNG


No local results. Right-click and select “look up” to search Content Unlimited andNetsearch for results.

Περιγραφή: ShazamSearchLocal.PNG

Local Result

A file or multiple files in your database match the the selection. Right-click and select ‘look up’ to show all local results.